Hi. I’m Jax. I am a builder, storyteller and collaborator. I tell stories that push people to think, feel and dive into their curiosity.

I’ve been Emmy nominated for producing & directing on the hit science and entertainment show MythBusters and have worked in all aspects of the television industry for more than a decade.  I’m also the co-founder & executive producer of Co-Pilot, a creative production company specializing in documentary-style storytelling and branded content. We have created content for Facebook, Hilton, Chase, Trip Advisor, YouTube Premium, Twitch & Pop-Up Magazine.

I have a knack for building teams and solving really unique problems. Like Is it possible to create a real-life Iron Man suit that can fly? Can you deliver pizza autonomously? Is it possible to use nothing but duct tape to escape a deserted Island? Can you hunt a robotic deer covered in Tofu? Yes, you can.

Most recently, I was the supervising producer and director for Savage Builds, a brand new series focusing on absurd engineering and the general curiosity of Adam Savage. Series premieres June 2019 on Discovery.

Thanks for stopping by! Let’s make something together.

E: jax@copilotsf.com

C: 415.793.2216